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SelectAffiliate CodeCounterparty NameAffiliate NameStatusDate
C010-A012JP MorganJP Morgan Financial Services Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C011-A07Bank of New YorkBank of New York Financial ServicesConfirmed10/3/2015
C012-A013Standard Charter BankStandard Charter Financial Products, Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C013-A015Rabo BankRabo Financial Products, Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C014-A05Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs Financial ServicesConfirmed10/3/2015
C015-A06HSBC Bank PLLCHSBC Financial Products Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C016-A09Mizuho BankMizuho Financial Products Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C018A016ICICI BankICICI Mortgage CompanyUnconfirmed3/21/2017
C02-A014Morgan StanleyMorgan Stanley Financial Services, Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C04-A08Bank of AmericaBank of America Financial Products Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C05-A04Citibank, NACitibank Financial ProductsConfirmed10/3/2015
C08-A010ABN Amro BankABN Amro Financial Services Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
C09-A011Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Wells Fargo Financial Products Inc.Confirmed10/3/2015
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